Learning Lab Pro Training Course

in the eyes of Dragan Milanov, the training participant from North Macedonia

It’s October 27th 2022, I’m walking slowly along the Malta lake in Poznan towards the Hotel Camping Malta where the project is going to take place.
The strong sun and fresh air make it feel like it’s May. I see positive and vibrant people enjoying their morning walk making it even more enjoyable for me.
Yes, it feels like a good beginning.

Day 1 is the most interesting one for me because it’s when we all meet for the first time and the surprise moment is at its highest. All the beautiful people representing our continent are making impressions as fresh as the morning sun lifting us from the bed. This moment makes me really happy. Our beautiful and as much colourful trainers Gośka and Natalie are already there to welcome us with their smiles and ready to jump into the business…

A few days later I’m starting to catch the “behind scenes” – learning process that we are undergoing. Gośka and Natalie tailored the training so well that it gave us the experience of having the birth and lifecycle of a trainer. Through the various games and activities, we could see them in action and also have our reality check.
Every session is interactive and the participants are the ones that create everything while being led and helped by the trainers. It varies from writing, singing, dancing, discussing, storytelling, drawing, acting, and sharing experiences and I’m sure there are many more ways to describe them.

For example, one activity is called open space for our own try-out. Here we get into the role of a trainer and try to make an activity that should be a new learning experience for the participants and also fun. I did a one-hour activity about Nonviolent Communication and the outcome was amazing. 

And this is the part where the social power of the group comes in. After the sessions, we spend hours talking and trying to learn as much as possible in this short period of a week. During the coffee breaks and meals, everyone was sharing their beautiful stories about their work with young people in their organisations. This is very much connected to our personal lives as well and that is what makes the group grow into a family feeling.
That is the best thing about this kind of training. I could listen to their stories forever, they are so rich and inspiring.
And we had vegetarian food that was the best I’ve ever had in my life. I hope other organizations follow this example as well. Even “little” things like this are part of moulding that youth trainer superhero that is supposed to be a good example for the young people in society.
At the end of the training, I was lucky to have my ride at 3:00 a.m. so I skipped the hardest moment of every training, the departures. These are moments full of emotions and they are part of the journey to becoming a good youth trainer.
I took with me: a delicious Polish chocolate, written notes from the friends and family I met there, that I read time and time again, and so many memories that I keep on thinking about every day since.

One thought sticks out the most of all, “I wish I’ll see them again”.

Dragan Milanov
November 9, 2022