Stop. Reflect. Do Better!

The idea

With the Stop. Reflect. Do Better project we invite you to stop for a moment, and dedicate time to your capacity and well-being as youth workers, coordinators, managers, educators, and peace activists! 

The overall project aim is to:

  • support the well-being of professionals, youth workers, coordinators, and peace activists,
  • build further their competences and capacities of the organisations in providing quality voluntary and educational activities for young people.

Why do we do it?

  • our lives as peace activists and youth workers are full of tasks and the to-do list is never-ending, with piles of unexpected challenges or complications,
  • we know that moments of rest and reflection are needed but they often seem to be an unrealistic luxury,
  • as organisations, we need to find a new way to effectively and positively deal with the new reality and to support the well-being and flourishing of our teams,
  • once we manage to find our own balance, we will be again capable of providing a quality youth work to help and support young people.

The activities

During our project, we are:

  • learning and applying the good mechanisms of taking care of the mental health and well-being of our youth workers,
  • building further their competences in working with volunteers, young people, and local communities in times of constant change.

The project has 8 main components:

1. Set-up phase (9.2023-1.2024)

2. Training Course: “Empowering Youth Workers: Building Resilience and Managing Stress” (22-29.02.2024)
International training course with 33 participants from 10 countries, to take place in Poznań, Poland. Key aspects: well-being, happiness, how to deal with stress, mindfulness, and a survival kit for VUCA times.

3. Webinars on well-being (3-5.2024)
During the project, we are organising 3 webinars supporting the youth worker’s well-being. The topics are: “Stress Management” (13.04.2024), “Emotional Self-Care” (11.04.2024) and “Positive Psychology Tools for Well-Being” (22.05.2024).

4. Training Course: “Mindful Youth Work: Cultivating Well-Being in Yourself and Others” (9-16.05.2024)
The second international training course in Poznań, Poland. Key aspects: quality youth work, nonviolent communication, emotional and social intelligence, inclusion and diversity.

5. Follow-up local actions (3-9.2024)
Practising the learning moments in national teams, organising and running activities on a local level under our mentoring.

6. Publishing Well-Being Cards (9.2024)
Cards to support the inner peace and mental health of youth workers and the groups they work with. Scroll down for more details!

7. Dissemination (3-10.2024)
Spreading tangible project results (e.g. practices, workshop scenarios) and the Well-Being Cards across our countries and beyond, e.g. through the Open Webinar!

8. Evaluation (11.2024)

Our training courses

“Empowering Youth Workers:
Building Resilience and Managing Stress”

22-29 February 2024
Poznań, Poland

At the training course, 30 youth workers, coordinators
and peace activists:

enlarged knowledge about mental health and well-being,
learned various tools and mechanisms for sustaining and boosting own and young people’s well-being and happiness,
exchanged ideas, good practices, inspirations, and shared resources,
planned follow-up actions to take place in their local communities upon the course completion.

The training course took place in February 2024 and the follow-up actions are ongoing!

“Mindful Youth Work: Cultivating Well-Being
Yourself and Others”

9-16 May 2024
Poznań, Poland

At the training course, 30 youth workers, coordinators  and peace activists will:
enlarge knowledge about mental health and well-being,
improve self-regulation and relationship management,
acquire conflict resolution skills,
exchange ideas, good practices, inspirations, and share resources,
plan follow-up actions to take place in their local communities upon the course completion.

Apply now! Last places left!

Well-Being Cards

In 2024, we will develop pocket-size “Well-Being Cards”.
They will be a tool for sustaining daily individual and group well-being of youth workers, professionals, leaders, activists, educators and trainers, and everyone who works in the youth field. The Cards will include good practices and innovative ideas; and will be suitable for individual and group use. Each set will consist of around 40 cards. Additionally, an online version will be available for download.
The Well-Being Cards will be presented to the public during the Open Webinar in October 2024


For our individual project participants:

  • increased self-awareness, motivation and self-confidence to provide quality youth work,
  • better understanding of contemporary challenges and how well-being can be sustained in such conditions,
  • improved competences and knowledge of specific tools to be used in regular work with young people.

For our partner organisations:

  • improved atmosphere and working environment,
  • increased capacity of the professionals in the organisations,
  • better quality of youth work provided to young people (online and offline).

For European youth work:

  • international opportunities for quality learning experiences on the topic of well-being and mental health through our webinars, training courses and the local follow-up activities,
  • better understanding of how to maintain well-being of the youth and the youth workers and activists,
  • strengthened quality of youth work.

With small steps that will start within our project, the butterfly effect will be observed: the participants will bring impact on the organisations and further on the young people they work with, through them – on the local communities, then further to Europe.

Sustaining well-being starts first with a single individual, but the combined effect of single numerous efforts brings a change to a healthier world!

The Team

Gośka Tur

Gośka Tur

Project coordinator

Sociologist and educator, a certified member of the Polish Association of NGO Trainers. In the years 2015-2020 she was the International President of SCI.

Natalie Jivkova

Natalie Jivkova

Project coordinator

Facilitator, trainer and coach from Bulgaria. Leader of international educational projects on learning, peace and diversity. With SCI since 2002.

The Donor

Our project is co-funded by the European Union. We are very thankful for making our idea possible to realise thanks to this support!
Project number 2023-1-PL01-KA153-YOU-000148664