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“Workcamps – together for peace” project is funded by the Government Program for the Development of Civic Organizations – “PROO”, which enables NGOs to realize their statutory goals, in this case missionary activities. As a result, by 2026 it will be possible to organize volunteer camps and create a promotional strategy for our association.


Workcamps are the signature activities of Stowarzyszenie Jeden Świat – SCI Poland. Not only do we help volunteers from Poland to go abroad, but we are also engaged in organizing local projects, to which we invite participants from all over the world.

The 3-year project “Workcamps – together for peace” will allow us to organize volunteer camps and increase the number of male and female volunteers participating in them.

In 2023, we are organizing 5 workcamps in different parts of Poland. Details of the projects in the slides below.

What are workcamps?

A workcamp is an international short-term volunteering project. It usually lasts about 2 weeks. It involves a group of several to a dozen volunteers from different countries. Usually there are 1 or 2 people from the same country. This international team of volunteers works for a local community or an NGO, which hosts them and provides them with the necessary support, such as materials and a place to work, as well as accommodation and food. 

The aim of workcamps is not only to provide international support to local communities, but also to get to know each other, integrate volunteers and build a sense of solidarity across borders. In addition to the work carried out at each workcamp, there is also a study part, during which one can learn a lot about the cultural and historical background of the given workcamp. Behind every need for support there is a human and local history. A frequent theme of the study part is also human rights, counteracting social exclusion, and actions for peace.


Host organizations



Promotion strategy

Project activities, however, will not be limited to the organization of workcamps. To increase the interest of volunteers in participating in short-term projects and other activities of the One World Association, we will focus on working on multi-level promotion of the Association, especially among young people. In order to successfully promote our activities, effective and attractive promotion of our organization is essential.

To accomplish this, we will implement a series of activities:

✔️ We will organize a branding workshop.

✔️ We will create a brand and visual identity for the Association.

✔️ We will expand and improve the website.

We will keep you informed about all the results achieved by the project on our social media, website and newsletter.



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