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Employee volunteering goes international

Volunteering projects in Poland have taken on a new dimension through partnerships with businesses, setting them apart from the rest. While the number of such collaborations continues to grow, this emerging trend represents a unique synergy between diverse environments, collective commitment, and a shared drive to achieve common social goals.

Stowarzyszenie Jeden Świat – SCI Poland actively collaborates with corporate foundations, employee volunteering coordinators, CSR teams, and Corporate Citizenship and Inclusion (CCI) departments within companies.

This collective effort aims to engage individuals in projects that are:

Valuable: Our projects are centered around creating tangible and meaningful impact within society. They address pressing social issues and contribute to positive change.

Socially relevant: We prioritize initiatives that address critical social challenges, ensuring that our efforts align with the needs and aspirations of local communities.

Well-organized: Our projects are meticulously planned and executed to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and a seamless experience for all participants.

Through our Association’s projects, volunteers have the opportunity to engage in:

The Centre for Global Education: Our volunteers actively support a wide range of educational activities conducted in this center, fostering global awareness and understanding.

Local and international environments: Our projects provide volunteers with the chance to contribute within culturally diverse settings, promoting intercultural exchange and cooperation.

Partnerships with selected organizations: We collaborate with trusted partners, maximizing our collective impact and enhancing the reach of our initiatives.

    These projects enable the integration and joint work of our Association’s volunteers, including international volunteers and those who participate through Employee Volunteering Programs within their respective companies. This diversity of backgrounds and experiences adds value to each endeavor, fostering varied approaches to activity, enhancing communication and cooperation, and ultimately bringing joy and personal fulfillment to all involved. While project durations typically range from one to several days, we also offer opportunities for long-term engagement.

    Our primary objective is always to collectively support valuable social initiatives, working for the betterment of local communities, institutions, and NGOs. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive atmosphere, where tasks, goals, and specific activities are clearly defined. By participating in these projects, volunteers can make a real difference while enjoying a fulfilling experience alongside like-minded individuals.