Learn to live in a new way at the Monar


Workcamp: New Energy!

My first experience of participating in workcamps took place at the Monar Gaudynki. Monar is a Polish non-governmental organization focused on helping, people with drug and alcohol addiction and many other groups of people who need help.

I will start sharing my volunteer experience at the Monar center with words of gratitude for the incredible time spent, for the hospitality, for allowing us to become part of their community.
The two weeks that I spent there were so enriching and full of great experiences.
During the first week, we got to know each other, got used to each other, spent time at work (which, by the way, took place in a positive and calm atmosphere), had many integration meetings and gatherings (we played charades, badminton, frisbee, table tennis, we had trips to the lake), and also got used to the schedule , and tried not to oversleep for breakfast 🙂
If we talk about the daily schedule, after breakfast there was morning meeting, then working hours, after it – lunch. Next, either the social meetings that I mentioned before, or the community meetings that we were given the opportunity to attend (at these meetings, you begin to understand the principles in which the center is based on, it helps to become a little closer to the community).Then dinner. Between dinner and sleep there were still a few free hours for rest and communication (yes, this workcamp for me turned out to be a place where I had many pleasant conversations with pleasant people, by the way it was a good chance to improve my English and my Polish speaking skills).
Almost the entire second week of our workcamp, we spent camping by the Lake – in Polish they call it biwak. A beautiful, peaceful place where we swam on kayaks, fed the ducks, had conversations in the evenings by the fire, enjoyed nature and experienced a lot of positive emotions.
In conclusion, I can say that the place where we spent these two weeks is a place where you can understand people even if you do not fully know their language, where people support each other, help each other and try to change their lives for the better.


The workcamp took place in 2022

Poland, Gaudynki

The story was written for us by Mariia Kozemko