Volunteering for Peace

15.05.2023 – 31.12.2023

The idea

Now that wars can be fought so close to each of us, even the smallest action indicating disagreement with this state of affairs counts. The rights and values of the European Union are becoming increasingly fragile, and it is now that they must be promoted more than ever. Hence, the idea for the “Volunteers for Peace” project.

In our world, peace cannot be considered something natural. There is an obvious need to teach about the concept of peace as something more than the absence of war. The Polish school education system does not include peace education, so it is the role of NGOs to make sure that it is delivered. There is a need among young people to act peacefully, to gain skills in teamwork and to acquire specialized knowledge.

We also recognize the need to work on peaceful relations in society. This is especially true at a time when basic human rights are being undermined and there are calls for resentment against specific groups or minorities. It is increasingly important to continuously educate and show each of us that we can act for peace, regardless of age, place of residence or social status. Every action, even the smallest, matters. Through education and action for peace, we are simultaneously working for a society that is open, diverse and respectful of human rights.

Project aims

The aim of the project is to build knowledge, skills and motivation for peace building in Polish primary and secondary schools, both in students and teachers. The result of the project is expected to be an increase in the number and skills of volunteer activities for peace among Polish youth.

Project assumptions:

  • to increase awareness of how to act for peace in everyday life and to create a chain of consecutive activities in schools for promoting a life of peace on 3 levels (inner peace, peace with others, peace with nature),
  • to build skills in at least 15 volunteers so that they acquire key qualifications and become peace educators who spread effective education on peaceful activities in schools,
  • creating high-quality, easy-to-use and attractive materials (in Polish and English) and an information campaign to promote volunteer activities for peace.

Become one of the volunteers

Would you like to engage in peace education together with us and conduct workshops on peace and nonviolent understanding?

Take part in certified weekend training courses!

  • “Peace in Practice” – In this class you will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the concept of peace and its three pillars (inner peace, peace with others, peace with nature), nonviolent communication, and learn how to build peace every day,
  • “Peace Educators” – participants in this training will be equipped with various tools and methods related to peace education, which they can use in their daily work with young people, promoting peaceful activities.
    After the training, you will use your own knowledge and acquired skills to conduct workshops for students of primary and secondary schools in Wielkopolska.

Don’t wait, take part in the recruitment!

Educational materials

Our activities within “Volunteers for Peace” do not only include training volunteers and organizing workshops for young people.
To ensure that effective peace education is not limited to physical participants of the project, a series of educational materials will be prepared. Content on volunteering for peace will be on our website in Polish and English versions.

The database of materials will consist of presentations, simple games, quizzes and workshop scenarios that can be used by teachers, students and other interested individuals.

All these materials will be used by the One World Association – SCI Poland to continue peace education in the coming years.

Challenge for schools

In October 2023, we will extend the invitation to “Volunteer for Peace” to all educational institutions in Poland.

Schools and teachers will be invited to sign up (as an institution or individual teacher) for the challenge, which will run from November 15th to December 5th. Participants will receive a set of specially designed printable materials and a database of ideas for possible activities related to volunteering for peace. We will specifically target Volunteer Clubs based in schools.

The challenge will be launched during Global Education Week in November, and the finale will take place on International Volunteer Day on December 5.

The team

Karolina Chrząszcz

Karolina Chrząszcz

Project Coordinator

Julia Kanas

Julia Kanas

Project Promotion

Gośka Tur

Gośka Tur

President, Trainer of volunteers

The donor

Our project is co-funded by the European Union through the Citizens, Equality, Rights, and Values Programme. We are grateful to SCI International for making our idea possible!