Opowieści z Gwatemali i Nikaragui

We invite you to listen to fairy tales, legends and stories from Guatemala and Nicaragua – these unique stories were collected, translated and compiled by volunteers from Stowarzyszenia Jeden Świat as part of the 2010 Polish Aid Volunteer Projects of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.
The tales are a unique source of knowledge about the diversity of the world, encouraging both travel to the land of imagination and completely real conversations about the richness of cultures, meanings and values.

The recordings are in Polish language.

Recordings of the tales were made in TR Studio.

Recordings available under a free Creative Commons 2.0 Poland licence.

Tales from Guatemala

Why the Moon cannot see with one eye

A beautiful story about Mother Moon and her special son named Ahau.

The legend of the quezal

The legend of the multicoloured quesal bird, which can, with a lot of luck, still be found in the Guatemalan jungle.

The Ruler of the Hill

The story of a mysterious meeting between a woodcutter and the Ruler of the Hill and what came of it.

The Dog and Kakazbal

A tale about whether you can buy the soul of a dog.

A hummingbird in love

A passionate story about the power of true love.

Tales from Nicaragua

The poor brother’s revenge

A tale of two brothers.

A tale of maize

A story about what the consequences of throwing away corn kernels can be.

Winter and Summer

A remarkable tale of dry Summer and rainy Winter working together.

Lightning and Thunder

A horror-filled clash between two giants in a fairy tale.

The Tiger and the Turtle

A tale about why the tiger is striped.