Workcamps in Poland

Stowarzyszenie Jeden Świat – SCI Poland organizes from a few to even a dozen workcamps a year, thanks to which we not only send but also host volunteers from all over the world. Workcamps are short-term volunteer projects. They usually last about 2 weeks. They are diverse in topics and are always connected with the current needs of local communities.

Polish workcamps are based on cooperation with public institutions and non-governmental organisations from all over the country, as well as the support of international volunteers and the coordination of their work by trained Polish volunteers, i.e. campleaders.

The fruit of this cooperation are important local initiatives with an international spirit. So far more than 330 workcamps have taken place in Poland. Read more about them

How to participate?

  • by supporting a workcamp in Poland as a volunteer (this also applies to international volunteers living in Poland) – write to us at
  • by coordinating a workcamp (become a campleader)
  • by hosting a workcamp in your organisation or institution – scroll down to organise a workcamp
  • by visiting a workcamp, getting to know its specifics and volunteers and sharing the knowledge about workcamps with others in the media, including social media


All volunteers on a workcamp are covered by SCI insurance.

SCI provides insurance on site and throughout the workcamp. The insurance covers accidents and medical expenses. It’s important to note that it is designed to be additional to other policies. The volunteer must take the European Health Insurance Card with them as proof of the basic insurance they have as a pupil, student, employee or person registered as unemployed person.