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Every year in Poland many new people want to join an international group of volunteers and experience a well-organised and safe workcamp. Stowarzyszenie Jeden Świat – SCI Poland has over 25 years of trust as an experienced and proven sending organisation. Today we can say that almost 7200 Polish volunteers have already gone on workcamps with us.

Do you want to go on a workcamp? We support you by:

  • direct contact with the volunteer coordinator,
  • meeting for volunteers going on workcamps,
  • support in the application process.

How to apply?

It’s just a few simple steps:

  1. enter the workcamp search engine at
  2. make sure there is the flag of your country of residence in the top right corner (if it’s a different one: click on the flag to change it)
  3. register and search for your dream workcamp
  4. click “Add to Next Application” and you’re done

Watch a simple instruction video and find the answers to frequently asked questions.


In 2023, participation in all workcamps organized in Poland is free.

The fee for participation in workcamps abroad is 350 zł. If you want to go on 2 workcamps in the same calendar year, the fee for participation in the second camp will be 200 zł. Applications will be considered only after the workcamp fee is paid and proof of the transfer is sent to

The fee covers the costs of insurance for the volunteer and support for the organizational facilities of workcamps in Poland and abroad, including a solidarity fund with SCI branches which are in a worse financial situation.

Members and supporting members of One World Association will pay 300 PLN for the first workcamp. In order to join the community of members and supporting members of the One World Association, all you need to do is pay a membership fee. The fee is valid during the calendar year in which it is paid and amounts to 50 PLN. By becoming our member, you support the organization of local activities in Poland.

The fee for participation in workcamp can be paid in a convenient and free way by clicking on FANIMANI or by traditional bank transfer to the Association’s account: Bank PEKAO S.A. No. 93 1240 1747 1111 0000 1848 8294, stating your name and surname in the title of the transfer and the annotation “fee for participation in workcamp”. Membership fee you will pay in the same way, in the transfer title write your name and surname and the information “membership fee”.

If you are not accepted to any of the workcamps of your choice, you may send another application (until successful) at no additional charge, or, upon your request, we will refund the full camp fee within 30 days.

The association is not responsible for personal costs related to the workcamp, e.g. purchase of tickets, private travel insurance, etc.


On a workcamp you are guaranteed accommodation and food. Sometimes there are also various workshops, excursions, trips to museums or even concerts. 

What is left to you is to get to the workcamp (you choose and organise your own travel) and to pay for the workcamp. It is also a good idea to have some money on you as a reserve or pocket money for your own expenses.

Before applying, it is a good idea to find out the cost of transport. Obviously, travel costs will usually be higher if you go to remote countries in Asia or Africa, and much lower if you attend a workcamp in a neighbouring country such as the Czech Republic or Germany.


Please pay attention to whether the country where your chosen workcamp will take place requires a visa. This will incur visa fees, which you will have to pay yourself.


In the descriptions of some workcamps at there is an information about an extra fee for the workcamp. Most often this applies to non-European projects within the North-South programme, and in Europe to workcamps in Iceland. This additional fee is usually payable on arrival at the project site. If no information about additional costs appears in the project description, it means that no one will ask you for additional payment.


SCI provides insurance during the workcamp itself. The insurance is for personal accidents and covers medical expenses. It’s important to note that it is designed as an additional insurance to complement other policies. You should therefore bring your European Health Insurance Card as proof of the basic insurance you have as a pupil, student, employee or registered unemployed person. 

SCI insurance applies to participants of workcamps in Europe, North America, Turkey, Central Asia including Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Mediterranean Zone and the Middle East. Volunteers going to other countries can be insured by SCI at their own request. 

Resignation from participation in camp

If you cancel your participation in the camp to which you have been accepted, we will refund the fee reduced by:

  • 50 zł administrative costs: in case of cancellation no later than 90 days before the start of the workcamp;
  • 100 PLN administrative costs: in case of resignation not later than 60 days before the start of workcamp;
  • 200 PLN administrative costs: in case of resignation not later than 30 days before the beginning of workcamp
  • 250 zł administrative costs: in case of resignation not later than 14 days before the beginning of workcamp
  • 300 zł administrative costs: in case of resignation no later than 7 days before the beginning of workcamp.

Remember that resignation of a volunteer from participation in a camp just before its beginning causes many complications for the host organization.

Please note that if your late cancellation is due to a positive test result for COVID-19, you should contact us as soon as possible. In such a case we will refund you the fee reduced by PLN 50 of administrative costs.