Croatia, Kuterevo

Family trip to a bear sanctuary instead of boredom at the beach

Workcamp: Bears for Peace

The story was written for us by Agnieszka, Jarek and Antek

Croatia, summer, holidays, the scheme is simple – sun, sea and lazy rest.
This trip turned out to be different!
Kuterevo, a tiny village high in the Croatian mountains, the sea – yes 50 km away, a river or lake – none, and it was a stone hot 36C.
But these mountains had a different attraction.
Hairy brown bears, living in a forest lodge, and our family of 3 turned into volunteers in a bear paradise for 2 weeks.
Workcamp Kuterevo is a project of a Croatian enthusiast saving local bears, helped by the Croatian community and young people from all over the world.
Mum, dad and son, all together 111 years old! – not so young, but also willing to work.
This is the advantage of the workcamp – you have to adapt, the 50-year-olds were rejuvenated, which turned out to be not so difficult.
The language barrier – no problem, it’s much easier with a guitar and a bonfire.
Physical work – all the better, in your city you pay for a gym, here you have it “included in the price”.
No luxuries, but in a group of enthusiasts with a very ecological programme.
After going to the beach with a deck chair after 2 years I do not remember much.
From Kuterevo I can remember every moment: the smell, the crickets playing, the murmur of the bears, the crackling of the sticks on the fire, the sight of thousands of fireflies in the mountain pass, the smiling faces of the volunteers who were eager to fulfil their tasks.
We did a great job, we met a lot of interesting people and we took a lot of good things with us.
Viva Kuterevo!

The workcamp took place in 2016.