Stowarzyszenie Jeden Świat – SCI Poland is based first and foremost on the people who make it. What is important is mutual support in action and common development, as well as the spirit of openness and kindness for new people who want to start their adventure with volunteering.

The community of the association consists of people of different backgrounds, ages and interests. They work in volunteer teams of their own choice or carry out individual projects. The members of the association elect the board and the audit commission.


General Assembly of Members

This is the most important body of the association. It meets once a year, usually in spring, and takes the most important decisions.

The Board

Manages the current work of the Association. It consists of people acting on a voluntary basis. You are welcome to contact us at:

Adriana Molenda


Paulina Krzysik

Vice President

Michał Adamski


Marzena Wójcik

Board Member

The Audit Commission

The independent control body of the association.

Anna Walczak

Chairperson of the Commission

Łukasz Szczuciński

Commission Member

Gośka Tur

Commission Member