School of Climate Justice


The School for Climate Justice is a free interdisciplinary course for educators, activists, science and humanities students, animators, NGO workers and volunteers.

Participants will deepen their knowledge of the environmental and climate crisis with a particular focus on its impact on human rights. They will also develop their skills as trainers and in taking collective action for climate justice. They will also have the opportunity to take real action as trainers and coaches leading activities for international volunteer groups and local communities in different parts of Poland.

Part I: February – June 2022

  • six Saturday training sessions of several hours’ duration in Poznań
  • six one-and-a-half-hour online workshops between meetings.

Most workshops will be conducted in English.

Part II: Summer 2022 

Participants of the School who attend at least 65% of the workshops will conduct (in teams of two or individually) workshops for people participating in international volunteer camps and members of the local communities and NGOs hosting them.


The programme of the workshops will be varied: Firstly, the sessions will help to deepen knowledge on the climate and environmental crisis, including their impact on the system that organises the life of global societies and as a source of violation of fundamental human rights. Secondly, we will talk about what activities we can undertake to effectively counteract these negative phenomena. Going beyond the rhetoric of individual responsibility, we will focus primarily on the systemic level of impact and, through meetings with people involved in social justice, human rights, climate protection and environmental protection activities, we will learn about specific examples of effective group action.

Topics to be discussed include climate refugees, consumption, hunger, carbon footprint, climate change travel, climate and human rights, leadership in activism, mindfulness in nature, ecofeminism, childhood in times of climate catastrophe, de-growth, how to self-organise non-hierarchically, etc.

The workshops will be conducted, among others, by Monika Sadkowska, Weronika Parfianowicz, Kalina Olejniczak, Tadeusz Mirski, Joanna Pańczak, Waldemiar Rapior, Sylwia Molenda, Krystyna Lewińska, Michał Czepkiewicz i Adriana Molenda.

At the end of the six months of the School, participants will prepare their own scenarios for activities on climate justice, and then in teams of two or individually visit one of the international volunteer camps, where they will conduct workshops for volunteers and members of their host communities and organisations.


You can apply for the course until 14 February 2022 by completing this form (soon the form will be available to download) and sending it to

Attendance is free. There is a limited number of places.

Project implemented with the grant from the programme Active Citizens – National Fund (Aktywni Obywatele – Fundusz Krajowy), financed by the EEA Funds.