Be the Change you want to see

11.2021 – 12.2022

The idea

In SCI, we care about the high quality of our workcamps and other non-formal activities, and we share the need to monitor the results of our work, to know which approaches work and bring change to our audience.

With the “Be the Change you want to see” project, we turn knowledge on the benefits of impact measurement into regular practice – first for our participating organisations, and then for an ever-growing circle of European youth NGOs!

We are a partnership of 9 organisations: SCI Belgium, SCI Catalunya, KVT Finland, SCI Germany, Utilapu Hungary, VSI Ireland, SCI Poland, Para Onde? Portugal, Zavod Voluntariat – SCI Slovenia.

Why do we do it?

  • we do care about the high quality of our workcamps and other non-formal activities,
  • we share the need to monitor the results of our work, to know which approaches work – and which ones are maybe taking a lot of effort, time, and money, but they do not bring any change to our audience,
  • both donors and participants ask about impact – they want professional analysis, numbers, proof of evidence, success stories…
  • simple yet trustworthy systems to measure the outcomes and impact of our work would help us a lot,
  • we all know the importance of impact measurement… but we are always so busy and jumping from one project to project, and without a consolidated effort we might never be able to focus on impact measurement!


The activities

The project has 6 main components:

  1. “Be the Change you want to see” Training Course (20-26.04.2022, Poznań, Poland) on how to measure the impact of our activities, with an emphasis on workcamps.
  2. Thematic webinars (4-5.2022) on impact measurement essentials, including its practical side in a voluntary organisation, its benefits and challenges.
  3. Practice phase (5-8.2022) – organising and running impact measurement of at least one activity (e.g. a workcamp) in each country.
  4. Peer support groups and consultations (5-11.2022) including mastermind groups, coaching, and mentorship.
  5. “The Change we became” Seminar (15-18.09.2022, Poznań, Poland) – summing up the experience from the practice phase, consolidating research results, and learning how to communicate the measurement outcomes to a wider audience through numbers and storytelling.
  6. Practical Guide to Impact Measurement in International Mobility Activities (10-11.2022) – publishing an electronic publication that will give practical and easy-to-comprehend advice on how to measure and communicate the impact of workcamps and other non-formal education activities.


If it’s September, it’s time for a seminar on communicating results and impact!

Between 15th and 18th September 2022 we’re organising “The Change we became” Seminar in Poznań, Poland. It is intended for youth workers and volunteers who:

  • are motivated to explore the topic of impact measurement of international voluntary activities,
  • would like to learn from an expert how to communicate to a wider audience the impact that your organisation creates,
  • are curious to explore the topic of storytelling in communication so that your organisation can gain more recognition, volunteers and donors,
  • are ready to meet amazing people from other countries, make new friendships and get inspired by their ideas and projects.

At the seminar, the participants will:

  • work with the award-winning communication expert, Hanna Wiczanowska, PhD, and with the project coordinators and process leaders Gośka Tur and Afroditi Deilogkou,
  • develop expertise in communicating impact results, speech preparation, audience analysis, and storytelling,
  • participate in consolidating the research results from the practice phase of the project,
  • plan how to successfully incorporate impact measurement into the routine of their organisation,
  • become more confident in working for impact and high-quality volunteer work,
  • exchange ideas, good practices, inspirations, and share resources,
  • have the opportunity to set up peer support groups with changemakers and impact enthusiasts from other countries.

Our working methods are based on the principles of adult learning, creating a stress-free and motivating environment where the human brain has a full capacity to learn.

All in all, we offer an excellent learning opportunity that will support to increase the quality and impact of voluntary activities, and also a unique networking experience with fellow-minded people from across Europe.

In addition, after the seminar, we offer additional materials and the possibility of free consultations with a communication expert so that our group can polish up their stories before sharing it with a wider audience.

The recruitment process is closed and we have the complete group for the event.

Practical Guide on Impact Measurement

Within the project, we are working on an electronic publication that will give practical and easy-to-comprehend advice on how to measure and communicate the results and impact of workcamps and other mobility activities.

We will launch the guide on 10th November 2022 – World Science Day for Peace and Development.



The planned results of the project include:

  • around 40 trained leaders, coordinators, and youth workers, with knowledge and skills allowing to organise high-quality volunteering activities;
  • increased capacity of our 9 organisations in the topic of measuring and communicating impact,
  • ability to identify and invest in ways of organising international mobility activities (workcamps, exchanges…) that bring the best results and lasting change to the participants,
  • proving that it is feasible to streamline impact measurement and communication of results into our regular practice, and do it even with scarce resources,
  • at least 100 European youth organisations who will make use of the Practical Guide to Impact Measurement in International Youth Mobility Activities already in 2022,
  • not less than 1800 young people in 2023 who will be offered higher quality activities and life-changing experiences, prepared in accordance with the recommendations based on the impact reports’ findings (and we can expect further snowball effects in the years that follow).

The famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi says “Be the change you want to see in the world”. We commit to being this change, become the best examples in impact measurement and high-quality youth work – and help others change, too!


The team

Gośka Tur - Project Coordinator

Gośka Tur - Project Coordinator

Peace activist, trainer and educator, a member of SCI Poland since 1996. She is the project initiator and bears the main responsibility for its design and implementation.

Afroditi Deilogkou - Project Coordinator

Afroditi Deilogkou - Project Coordinator

Member of the SCI Impact Working Group, currently based in Belgium. In the project, she is responsible for the country teams' support and for the development of the Practical Guide on Impact.

Elvira Amatuzzi - Support Volunteer

Elvira Amatuzzi - Support Volunteer

Italian by origin, since March 2022 supporting our project as an ESC volunteer.

You can contact the project coordination team at


The donor

Our project is co-funded by the European Union. We are very thankful for making our idea possible to realise thanks to this support!

Project number 2021-1-PL01-KA153-YOU-000035713