Our partners

Our long-term volunteers support the following organisations:

✅Primary School nr 1, Trzcianka

✅Primary School nr 7, Poznań

✅Regional Center for Social Policy in Poznań

✅Centres of Integration of Foreigners in Poznań, Piła and Konin

✅Stowarzyszenie Wsparcia Przedsiębiorczości Powiatu Gostyńskiego (Association for the Support of Entrepreneurship of the Gostynin Poviat), Gostyń

✅Maison de la Bretagne, Poznań

✅Montessori Preschool and School Jedność, Gostyń

✅Foundation Benevolens, Głuchołazy


During summer workcamps in recent years, we have supported activities of the following public organisations and institutions:

✅Monar Centres in Gaudynki, Lipianka, Wyszków, Marianówek

✅Integration Centre for Children “Stokrotka” (Daisy) in Warsaw

✅Foundation Benevolens, Głuchołazy

✅Technical School number 19, Poznań

✅Refugee Centre in Linin

✅MULTI.ART association, Kalisz

✅Martyrs’ Museum of Poznań-Żabikowo 

✅Polish Scout Association (ZHP)

✅Foundation of Cultural Heritage, Warsaw

✅Foundation h/2, Wrocław

✅Municipal Social Assistance Center, Michałowice

✅Museum of the former German extermination camp Kulmhof,  Chełmno nad Nerem

✅AXA Association, Marianów

✅Chociwel Community Development Association

Within our other projects we work with:

✅Branches of Service Civil International in 42 countries of the world

✅Partners of Service Civil International in 80 countries of the world

✅Many schools in Poznań and Greater Poland ( Primary School nr 1  in Trzcianka, Primary School nr 7 in Poznań, Primary School nr 1 in Czerwonak, Primary School in Chełmno, Primary School nr 1 in Suchy Las, High School nr 3 in Poznań, High School nr 10 in Poznań, High School in Pniewy , High School in Środa Wielkopolska)

✅“Zagranica” Group

✅Centre fo Intercultural Initiatives Horizons, Poznań

✅Logos Association, Poznań

✅Foundation Cetrum Aktywności Twórczej, Leszno

✅British Council

✅Centre for Migration Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

✅Digital Story

✅Foundation Centrum Aktywności Twórczej, Leszno

✅Polish Migration Forum Foundation, Warsaw

✅Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Antropology at Adam Mickiewicz University

✅Oxfam Novib

✅Association of creative initiatives ę, Warsaw