Vision – Mission – Values

Our vision

We base our activities on the belief that the most important thing we all need today is the ability to cooperate between people, communities, cultures and nations. Therefore, together with volunteers and partners we realise the vision of our association by educating about the modern, diverse world and by building mutual trust between people regardless of their identity, level of ability, orientation, or national, ethnic or religious affiliation.



We believe that all people can live together in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. Our mission is to promote a culture of peace and understanding between people through international volunteering projects, such as short-term volunteering – workcamps, long-term volunteering – European Solidarity Corps, Long Term Volunteering (LTV) and extensive educational activities.


Service Civil International and One World Association – SCI Poland carry out their activities based on the following values: 

  • Volunteering – as a method, a basis for social change, acting on one’s own initiative for the benefit of civil society without seeking material remuneration
  • Non-violence – the choice of peaceful resistance and non-violent conflict resolution as a principle and method of action 
  • Human Rights – respect for every individual in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 
  • Solidarity – as international solidarity for a more just world and solidarity among people in every dimension
  • Respect for the environment – and the entire ecosystem of which we are part and on which we depend 
  • Inclusion – being open to all who share our goals and ideas regardless of gender, race, colour, religion, nationality, social status, political opinion, sexual orientation or any other possible ground of discrimination 
  • Empowerment – supporting people to act to transform the social, cultural, economic structures that affect their lives at every level
  • Cooperation – with local communities as well as national and international partners to strengthen the positive potential in civil society as a whole