Who we are?

Stowarzyszenie Jeden Świat SCI Poland combines international projects with local spirit through volunteering and has over 25 years of experience in working for human rights, social equality, peace, respect for the environment and human solidarity. We are the Polish branch of the international non-governmental organisation Service Civil International (SCI), which turned 100 years old in 2020. With over 40 branches and more than 80 partner organisations around the world, SCI continues to grow. 




years in Poland

What are workcamps?

Workcamps are the core activity of the Stowarzyszenie Jeden Świat – SCI Poland, as well as the entire Service Civil International. They are international, short-term volunteer projects in which we cooperate with local organizations and communities. For a few weeks (usually 2 to 4) a group of volunteers from different countries works for the benefit of the host institution, which provides them with the necessary support. Want to learn more? Click here

Volunteers about workcamps

The sense of community that you get while living at Monar contributes to a safe, nonjudgmental environment that lets you embrace who you are. My personal experiences and my training as a social worker had already planted the seed of the understanding that community is an important tool of empowerment. At Monar, I have witnessed how it allows people to take responsibility and change their lives around. It enables people to embody and carry out values of solidarity, respect for oneself and others, discipline, as well as build new skills and self-esteem. 

Marie Martens

workcamp „Monar - New Energy!”, Poland, Gaudynki, 2023

My name is Elvira, I’m an Italian girl who’s currently participating in a ESC long term volunteering project in Poznan, during which I had the opportunity to gain a lot of valuable experience. Here I want to share one of them with you. During the summer I had the opportunity to coordinate two of the workcamps organized by SCI Poland. Both projects involved activities with children. The one I’m going to talk about took place in a refugee center in Linin, near Warsaw. It was a real challenge for me to coordinate this workcamp, because, unfortunately, I don’t speak polish and a lot of the workers in the center didn’t speak english.

Elvira Amatuzzi

workcamp „Refugee Center Linin, near Warsaw”, Poland, Linin, 2022

My first experience of participating in workcamps took place at the Monar’s Gaudynki. Monar is a Polish non-governmental organization focused on helping people with drug and alcohol addiction, homeless people and many other groups of those who need help. I will start sharing my volunteer experience at the Monar center with words of gratitude for the incredible time spent, for the hospitality, for allowing us to become part of their community. The two weeks that I spent there were so enriching and full of great experiences.

Mariia Kozemko

workcamp „Monar - New Energy!”, Poland, Gaudynki, 2022


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