Who we are?

Stowarzyszenie Jeden Świat

One World Association – SCI Poland combines international projects with local spirit through volunteering and hasover 25 years of experience in working for human rights, social equality, peace, respect for the environment and human solidarity. We are the Polish branch of the international non-governmental organisation Service Civil International (SCI), which turned 100 years old in 2020. With over 40 branches and more than 80 partner organisations around the world, SCI continues to grow. 




years in Poland

What are workcamps?

Workcamps are the core activity of the One World Association, as well as the entire Service Civil International. They are international, short-term volunteer projects in which we cooperate with local organizations and communities. For a few weeks (usually 2 to 4) a group of volunteers from different countries works for the benefit of the host institution, which provides them with the necessary support. Want to learn more? Click here

Volunteers about workcamps

Have you ever been greeted by a big applause upon arrival at the workcamp? This is how the community of Monar welcomed our little group of volunteers to their summer camp in Bachotek. Dancing around the campfire to the sounds of Disco Polo, we celebrated the start of this special fortnight. The following days went by swiftly with swimming in the lake, kayaking, and enjoying Polish summer.

Eliane Preiswerk

workcamp „Monar — Art of living”, Wyszków (Poland), 2019

During the workcamp we travelled 120 km down the Pechora river, stopping at campsites along the way, cleaning them, mowing and raking the grass or repainting the rooms. The work was not hard and with 10 people it was done in one go. We spent our free time on international talks, initiating discussions, playing Mafia, taking care of good relations in the group, taking a bath, organising food for ourselves or chasing away the ubiquitous mosquitoes.

Ola Pogoda

workcamp „Heart of Taiga”, Komi Republic (Russia), 2017

The most important thing in volunteering is that our work gives something back, that something remains after us. We just left behind new footpaths at the back of the park. Countless strokes with a pickaxe, we pick with a shovel, then cotton, stones and finally light sand. We clear the older ones of weeds, although this is a bit of a Sisyphean task. And it would have been like this for two whole weeks, if not for the discoveries which changed the character of the whole project. An antique well unearthed and the remains of an old castle..

Agata Kozłowska

workcamp „Summer in Svojšín”, Svojšín (Czech Republic), 2012


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