Global Education Centre

Global education opens people’s eyes and minds, shows global interdependence and the need to create a world with more justice, equality and respect for human rights.

Since 2012, we have been bringing these global interdependencies closer to the inhabitants of Wielkopolska through the Global Education Centre – our educational centre, a place to meet and exchange opinions.

Through our work, we want to shape attitudes of responsibility for the fate of our planet – both on a micro level, at the level of local actions, and on a macro scale, by showing the impact of the individual on global processes and the impact of global processes on the individual.

We support the formation of critical thinking and help to understand the interconnectedness and permeability of diverse systems so that each of us can become personally involved in building a better world.

The Global Education Centre:

  • workshops in Wielkopolska’s schools on topics related to global education
  • trainings for organisations and companies
  • actions for climate awareness and protection of Earth’s resources
  • film screenings, discussions and meetings to inspire reflection and action
  • collections of stories and fairy tales from various cultures as well as other publications bringing closer the diversity of the world
  • Global Education Week celebrations in November
  • a library enriched by the Migroteka collection of the Polish Migration Forum

The Global Education Centre is run by a wonderful and competent team, contact us by email at!

Library of the Global Education Centre

In the GEC Library you will find a rich collection of publications on global education, migration, human rights, climate protection and civic action. Often these books are not easily accessible, that is why our collection is often used by students writing their MA and PhD theses.

Part of our collection is Migroteka – an initiative of the Polish Migration Forum to improve the knowledge of Poles about migrants and refugees. As part of this idea, fifteen selected libraries in Poland are supplied with specialist literature on these groups of foreigners. GEC Library has the pleasure to be one of them, the only one in the Wielkopolska region.

The Migroteka search engine allows you to browse the list of titles available through Migroteka and check what items are available in our library.

Remember that the GEC Library contains more than one thousand titles and Migroteka search engine covers only part of them! You can browse all the books in our office, using a comfortable couch, or borrow them to take home.

You are welcome to visit us on working days at 7 Sienkiewicza Street in Poznań. Please make an appointment in advance, because sometimes we operate on the road and the office is closed.