For companies

Employee volunteering goes international

Among volunteering projects in Poland, those carried out in partnership with business stand out. Although there are more and more of them, it is still a new quality which brings together diverse environments, commitment and the desire to achieve common social goals.

Stowarzyszenie Jeden Świat – SCI Poland cooperates with corporate foundations, employee volunteering coordinators, teams responsible for CSR and CCI in their companies. Everyone is keen to get involved in projects which are:

  • valuable
  • socially relevant
  • well organised


Our Association’s projects allow for the implementation of volunteering:

  • in the Centre for Global Education, support of a wide range of educational activities
  • in both local and international, culturally diverse environments
  • in cooperation with selected partners

They allow for the integration and joint work of the Association’s volunteers, including international volunteers and volunteers who work socially within the Employee Volunteering Programme in their companies. We believe this is an added value of each undertaking – it opens up to various styles of activity, develops communication and cooperation, brings a lot of joy and satisfaction. Activities usually last from one to several days, although long-term projects are also possible.

The aim is always to jointly support valuable social initiatives, work for the benefit of local communities, institutions and NGOs, in a good atmosphere, with clearly defined tasks, goals and specific activities.