About us

At Service Civil International, we take pride in organizing several hundred short-term volunteer projects known as workcamps on five continents every year. These workcamps offer thematic and geographical diversity, but their true value lies in the participation of volunteers from all corners of the globe, the socially significant work undertaken, and the authentic discovery of other cultures.

What are workcamps?

A workcamp is an international volunteering project that typically spans around two weeks. It brings together a group of several to a dozen volunteers from different countries, usually with one or two individuals representing each nation. These international teams collaborate to support a local community or a non-governmental organization (NGO) that hosts them. The hosting organization provides necessary support such as work materials, accommodations, and meals.

The primary objective of workcamps extends beyond international support for local communities. They also serve as opportunities for volunteers to build relationships, integrate with one another, and foster a sense of solidarity across borders. In addition to the hands-on work carried out during the workcamp, there is a study component where participants delve into the cultural and historical background of the project’s location. Each call for support is rooted in the personal stories and local histories of those in need. Common themes explored during the study component include human rights, combating social exclusion, and promoting peace.

Engaging in a workcamp is not merely an adventure; it is a transformative experience that offers:

✅ The opportunity to create positive changes.
✅ Participation in valuable social initiatives.
✅ A genuine exploration of other cultures.
✅ The formation of lasting friendships.
✅ Extraordinary stories and cherished memories.
✅ Exposure to living and working within a multicultural team.
✅ The development of language skills.
✅ An exciting evolution of workcamps is the emergence of online projects, which span from a few to several days. These online projects enable participants to make a larger impact and implement ideas that reach individuals worldwide. They provide an inclusive platform for participation and offer opportunities to develop new skills in remote collaboration within an international group.
✅ Engaging in a workcamp is not merely an adventure; it is a transformative experience that offers:

Join us in the remarkable journey of workcamps, where you can immerse yourself in diverse cultures, forge lifelong connections, contribute to meaningful social causes, and create lasting positive change. Be part of the new era of workcamps, including online projects, where borders are no longer barriers and international cooperation flourishes. You can find all the workcamps organized by SCI this year here: https://workcamps.sci.ngo/icamps/